Browns on the clock. . .

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Browns on the clock. . .

So you’re the Cleveland Browns.  You stink.  You have multiple needs, notably on the offensive side of the ball.  The one offensive threat any defense game planned for left in free agency.  You have the #4 pick in the upcoming draft and are virtually guaranteed a shot at both the consensus top running back (Trent Richardson) and top wide receiver (Justin Blackmon).  You could take a chance on  a late rising quarterback (Ryan Tannehill).  You could just ignore your obvious offensive needs and select the best defender in the draft (Morris Claiborne) to bolster an already solid young defense.  Maybe you trade down and collect some extra draft picks and just throw the weight of numbers at the various holes in your team.  Whatever you choose, you’re almost assured of pissing off your fan base who’s sick of losing and desperate for any kind of positive buzz.

What do you do?

A good argument can be made for drafting any of those players as well as for trading down.  Over the next week or so we at FFKL will present each case and illustrate what the Browns should do and what we think the Browns will probably do.




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