FFKL 2012 Rookie Draft – Walter Payton Division

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FFKL 2012 Rookie Draft – Walter Payton Division

We begin our review of the 2012 FFKL Rookie Draft with the Walter Payton Division.

The Funk of G.  One pick, Isaiah Pead, taken in the first round.  The Funk have a good track record with their RB selections, however we’re not seeing this one.  We had him as a potential second rounder based on how high the Rams took him, but physically, he should have been an undrafted free agent.  Pead is small, relatively slow, with little explosion, and he lacks that “it” factor.  Price said, “That’s right.” We say, if you HAVE to pick a RB, and the Funk’s philosophy says he does, Lamar Miller would have been a better choice.

Orange Whips.  Three picks, one in each round, all receivers.  Stephen Hill was slotted about right.  He’s big, he’s fast, and who the hell knows.  We saw special catches on tape so it’s tough to argue with the selection.  The Sanu pick in the second round was safe.  His upside is a solid FFKL #3 in our opinion.  He’ll never be a top 10 guy.  Benjamin is from Miami and he’s fast, the Whips will lobby for return yardage to be added to the scoring metric?

AAA.  Tommy Streeter, receiver, third round.  Yawnski.  Another fast receiver to disappear into the dark abyss that is the Raven’s passing game.  Side note, Mike D made his annual trade splash, this time acquiring Justin “Glug Glug Vroom Vroom” Blackmon for Dez “Those chains weren’t paid for?” Bryant.  I think Mike D got skull fucked.  Though they’re both talented, Bryant has a quarterback throwing him the ball, and the benefit of some big boy grown up time away from the dorms.  Advantage: ZOD.

Ninjas.  The Ninja rebuild continues.  They traded down from 1.5 to 1.7, allowing them to swap a third for a second.  This maneuver netted them Michael Floyd, arguably the best receiver in the draft not to be nipped for DUI … recently, and receiver Ryan Broyles who wouldn’t have been available in the third round.  They also got good value with LaMichael James in the middle of the second round.  He was projected by most as an early second round pick.  Mr. Irrelevant, Russell Wilson, is creating some buzz in Seattle.  Solid draft.

You can view the entire 2012 rookie draft here.


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  1. Fighting Cadavers
    Fighting Cadavers  June 19, 2012

    I can’t argue with too much of this. You’re definitely right about Broyles not making it to the 3rd round. He would not have made it past me in the 2nd.

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