Backups For Your Fantasy Radar

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Backups For Your Fantasy Radar

Here are a few guys that are on the bottom of their team’s depth chart, but still have some promise.  They may stay parked on a taxi squad, or get signed as free agents at the auction, or sit and wait for a mid-year waiver wire bidding war, but they are on the radar of every conscientious FFKL owner.  Of course, if your league isn’t set up as wonderfully complex as FFKL, this list may only be a week four waiver wire preview. There are some obvious backups I’ll avoid for brevity sake, Ben Tate, anyone?


John Skelton, ARI –  He’s a big guy with a big arm and he’ll be the starter before the end of the year.  Sure, he makes mistakes, but he’s not afraid to let the ball go.  Also, muy importante, the Cardinals added Michael Floyd.  Having a young gun slinger that gets to throw to Fitzgerald and Floyd as your QB2 by mid-year is a good thing.  Disclaimer: Geranimals currently have Skelton marinating to perfection on their taxi squad.

Any QB who is willing to tuck and run – Without getting all fired up again about the Harrison on McCoy hit from last year, I’ll just say that it was that hit that convinced me the league had officially changed for good.  The lawyers are in charge now, so we are officially in the era of the arm tackle.  A QB who breaks the pocket may be in jeopardy of contact on paper, but the truth is, he’s wearing a red practice bib. Tim Tebow, Joe Webb and Colin Kaepernick type QB’s will thrive in the new NFL.  Disclaimer: Kaepernick is a Geranimal taxi squad resident.


Robert Turbin, SEA –  Check out Marshawn Lynch at Cal.  He was always a little wacky behind the wheel, so his recent arrest shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. Who’s the potential benefactor?  Robert Turbin, a high character stocky back out of Utah State.  He’s relatively light in the legs, carrying most of his weight in the torso, but he runs low to the ground and has great workout results.  Yes, workout results, I refuse to us the term “measureables”.  I’m also outlawing the term “next level”. It’s the NFL.  The Cadavers drafted Turbin this year in the third round of the FFKL Draft, with the thirty-first pick overall.

Alex Green, GB –  Second year guy out of Hawaii coming back from an ACL injury.  The injury set him back, otherwise we would have heard a lot more about him last year.  James Starks isn’t a world beater, and the Packers didn’t draft a back this year, so they’re going to rely on Green. He could be the starter by the second half of the season.  He’s a very capable receiver, so if you’re in a PPR league take notice.  Watch his health, and if he’s cleared to play grab him as a Starks handcuff or for your bench in deep leagues.  Disclaimer:  Green, too, is on the Geranimals taxi squad.

Terrance Gannaway, NYJ –  Big back that fits their philosophy.  Better receiver than he’s given credit for, and a bruising north-south runner. He is way down on the depth chart so not a guy worth drafting or bidding on, but I expect him to emerge in a year or two.

Jordan Todman, MIN –  Will probably enter the season behind Peterson and Gerhart, he’s another guy buried on the depth chart. However, with Peterson’s injury concerns, and Gerhart’s ability concerns, he’s a guy to be aware of. He’s explosive between the tackles and catches the ball.  Lost out to a numbers game in San Diego.  Disclaimer: Geranimals taxi squad


Randall Cobb, GB –  First, he has a pretty good QB throwing him the ball that you may have heard of.   Besides that, if you don’t know already, this guy is freaking electric with the ball in his hands.  As a Jordy Nelson shareholder I hate knowing the Packers have Cobb on the roster.  Driver resigned, but it’s going to be very difficult to keep this guy off the field.  A couple of injuries and he’s a WR1.   I wish he were a Geranimal, instead, he is with ZOD.


Michael Egnew, MIA –  He went undrafted in the FFKL rookie draft.  He’s athletic, VERY athletic, and set to become the starting TE in Miami, eventually.  Anthony Fasano is in his way. So, as I was saying, he will be their starting TE, eventually.

To the FFKL, you’re welcome.  Feel free to add your own in the comments below.


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  1. The Commissioner
    The Commissioner  July 25, 2012

    No kickers?

    I’m not buying Skelton, i know he’s got another year under his belt but he looked shell-shocked to me last year.

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