Official Rules

1.0  League Structure

1.1  Organization

The league will consist of 12 teams (designated as “franchises) divided into three (3) fixed divisions.

1.2   Schedule

Each franchise will play every other franchise within their division twice (x2) and every other team once (x1) for a total of 14 games, one game per week.

2.0  Rosters

2.1  Active Roster

The active roster will consist of no more than twenty (20) players but may be any combination of positions with no position minimums or maximums.

2.2  Injured Reserve

Up to two (2) players may be placed on the injured reserve.  While on injured reserve players do not count against the twenty (20) player active roster, however 50% of the players salary will still count against the salary cap.    To qualify for injured reserve status a player must be placed on the official NFL injured reserve list.  Once said player has been removed from the official NFL injury report, he must be returned to the franchise active roster.  The official NFL injury report is updated every Thursday during the season:

NFL Injury Report

Players placed on the NFL PUP list may also be placed on injured reserve.

Please note that salaries relief is rounded down so a $5 player on injured reserve will save $2 in cap space.

2.3  Taxi Squad (Inactive Roster)

The taxi squad may contain a maximum of nine (9) players and may only include players originally acquired through the rookie draft.  Players may remain on the taxi squad from season to season until they are activated and promoted to the active roster.  The taxi squad limit is not enforced from the end of the complete season (including playoffs) until keeper selection.

2.4 Roster Deadlines

All non-playoff team rosters become frozen at kickoff of the first NFL game in Week 14.  Free agents may not be added nor may players be dropped from the active roster or taxi squad after Week 14 until keepers are announced the following August.

Playoff team rosters become frozen when they are eliminated from the playoffs or at the kickoff of the first NFL game in Week 17, whichever occurs first.

Note that any players picked up during the playoffs may not be held as keepers the following season.

3.0  Draft & Auction

3.1  Glossary

Rookie:  Players selected during the official NFL draft in the preceding April before the auction.

Free Agent:  Any player who has not been selected as a keeper or is not residing on the taxi squad.

Free Agent Keeper:  Player under contract with a franchise before the auction and is not under a taxi squad contract.

Taxi Squad Member:  Player under contract with a franchise before the auction and resides on the taxi squad.

Taxi Squad Keeper:  Player under contract with a franchise before the auction and was previously activated from the taxi squad.

Franchise Player:  See section 3.4.1

3.2  Franchise Salary Cap

Each franchise will have a salary cap of $200 with which to acquire free agent players during the auction.  As a reward for exemplary play, each playoff franchise and the winner of the loser’s bracket will be awarded a $10 cap bonus.  The Franchise Salary Cap may NOT be exceeded for any reason from the start of the auction through the completion of the season.  If a team is found to have played a FFKL game while exceeding the salary cap, said franchise shall forfeit the lowest, farthest out in the future draft pick to whichever team identifies the violation.

3.3  Rookie Draft

The rookie draft will consist of three (3) rounds and will be held online sometime following the official NFL draft in April and before the free agent auction that occurs in August.  The draft order will be determined as follows and remain identical for all three (3) rounds.

All non-playoff franchises will draft based upon their regular season winning percentage with the worst franchise receiving the first pick.  Ties will be broken based upon the following:

1.  Head to Head
2.  Total Points Scored
3.  Coin Flip

Any player who is eligible for the regular NFL draft may be selected regardless of whether said player was actually drafted.

All drafted rookies are placed upon the Taxi Squad until such time as they are promoted to the active roster.

3.4  Taxi Squad Keepers

Players elevated from the taxi squad to the active roster instantly become taxi squad keepers.  Upon activation, these players are signed to a fixed contract relative to original draft positions as follows:

1st Round Draft Picks:   Five (5) year contract at a salary of $10 per season.
2nd Round Draft Picks:  Four (4) year contract at a salary of $5 per season.
3rd Round Draft Picks:  Three (3) year contract at a salary of $1 per season.

There is no limit to the number of taxi squad keepers on the active roster.  Taxi Squad keepers cannot be kept out of the free agent pool for more than five (5) years unless named the Franchise Player.

3.4.1  Franchise Player

Any former taxi squad player on the active roster and still playing under his original rookie contract may be designated as a “franchise” player.  Each franchise may only have one (1) franchise player at any time.  The designated franchise player will be paid the average salary of the top five players at his position the previous season.  The franchise tag may be moved to a new franchise player only when the current franchise player is released.  Franchise Player Salary

All franchise players will be paid a salary that is the average of the top five (5) highest paid players at their position based upon salaries after the previous auction.

3.5  Free Agent Keepers (FAK)

Each franchise may select up to two (2) players from their roster to carry over to the following season.  Any player selected as a keeper is signed to year two of a three (3) year contract and must return to the free agent pool for auction following the completion of this contract.  No Free Agent Keeper may be kept under contract longer than two (2) years beyond the first year after auction.

FAK’s will be selected one week before the start of the free agent auction.

Free agent players acquired after the auction may be selected as keepers.  Players acquired via blind bidding or first come, first served waivers,  will be kept at their current salary.

3.5.1 Restricted Free Agent Keepers (RFAK)

In addition to two (2) free agent keepers, each franchise may designate one (1) additional restricted free agent keeper.  All regular FAK rules apply to RFAK’s in addition those specified below.

All restricted free agent keepers (maximum of 12 if all franchises choose this designation) will enter a separate auction to take place online sometime after the rookie draft but before the free agent auction.  Each franchise may bid on the selected restricted free agent keepers in exactly the same manner as in the regular auction, however, the franchise that originally owned the rights to their designated RFAK has the right to pay an additional $1 above the winning bid and retain the rights to said player. Each franchise will have up to 48 hours from the completion of the last RFAK auction to exercise their rights to match the winning bid + $1 and retain their own RFAK.  Each RFAK will begin a new three year contract with the winning/matching franchise.

Note that there is no maximum number of RFAK’s that may be purchased by a team during the RFAK Auction. RKAK Trading/Drop

RFAK’s may be traded but cannot be dropped until after the free agent auction in August.

3.6  Free Agent Auction

The free agent auction will be held at a convenient date in August each year and attendance is mandatory.  Owners are not required to spend the entire amount allotted to the salary cap, nor are they required to fill all roster spots, however, unspent money will not be carried over into the regular season although unused cap room will remain available to accommodate trades and activate players from the taxi squad.  Any franchise may bid on any free agent player as long as said franchise has sufficient salary cap room to sign the free agent player.

4.0  Trades

4.1  General

Franchises must have sufficient salary cap room and roster space available to absorb traded player contracts during the regular season.  Players may be traded for other players (Active or Inactive) or draft picks.

4.1.1  Free Trade Period

The will be no roster or salary cap limitation in effect for trade purposes at the start of the off-season trading period until the beginning of the free agent auction.

4.2  Keepers

Free Agent Keepers, Restricted Free Agent Keepers and Taxi Squad Keepers retain their existing contracts, salary, and roster status (Active or Inactive) when traded.  Once designated, ” Franchise Players” may never be traded.

4.2.1 Restricted Keepers

Restricted Free Agent Keepers may be traded but may not be dropped until the regular auction is completed.

4.3  Draft Picks

Draft picks within the current year and in the following year’s draft may be traded.  Draft picks more than 2 seasons in the future may not be traded.

4.4  Trade Deadlines

The in-season trade deadline is October 31.  The trading period will remain closed from October 31 until the official NFL draft the following April at which time players and draft picks may be traded.

5.0  In-Season Acquisitions

5.0  Waivers

Henceforth, any references to waivers refers to blind bidding.

5.1  Waiver Period:  Blind Bidding

All free agents will be placed on waivers at kickoff of the first game on Sunday and remain until 10PM the following Wednesday evening.

This waiver type allows for each owner to place a hidden bid for players.  Each franchise may bid any available salary cap space to acquire players on waivers.   Once the waiver period has ended, the franchise with the highest bid will be awarded the player for the amount bid.  Teams can also use a conditional blind bidding scheme and setup multiple, prioritized blind bids.

The system will look at the bids, starting with the highest dollar amount top priority bid, and continue looking at bids until all are processed (either successfully, by doing the add/drop, or unsuccessfully, because the bid is considered invalid), and by default select the bid that it thinks should go through (or “None”, if it considers all bids invalid).

5.1.1  Blind Bidding Ties

Tie breakers for blind bidding will be in a “worst” to “first” setup as follows:

1.  Overall winning percentage
2.  Total Points Scored
3.  Head-To-Head Record
4.  Divisional Winning Percentage
5.  Power Rank

5.2  First Come, First Served

All players on waivers will be released to the free agent pool at 10 PM Wednesday.  Free agents may then be acquired on a first come, first serve basis until kick-off of the first game on Sunday when free agents will revert to the waiver wire.  Free agents acquired in this manner will have a salary of $1.

5.2.1  Add/Drops during FCFS Period

Players dropped during the FCFS free agent period will be locked until the next waiver period.

5.2.2  Add/Drops

Once a player is dropped from a roster, that team may not reacquire said player until at least one additional week worth of games has been completed.

6.0  Line-Ups

6.1  Line-Up Deadlines

Starting line-ups must be set before kickoff of the week’s first game and cannot be altered.  Any franchise that fails to post a line-up will be forced to use the line-up for the previous week.  If a franchise is unable to post a line-up, contact the commissioner’s office immediately.

6.2  Starters

Each franchise will submit a starting line-up as follows:

x2 RB
x3 WR
x1 TE
x1 K

7.0  Scoring

The complete scoring system may be found at the following link:

FFKL Scoring

8.0  Playoffs

8.1  General Rules

Four franchises will participate in the playoffs following Week 14 of the NFL regular season.  The first round of the playoffs will take place during Week 15 of the NFL regular season and will feature the #1 seed versus the #4 seed and the #2 seed will face the #3 seed.  The winners of the first round games will meet in the FFKL Championship game, which will take place during Week 16 of the NFL regular season.

8.2  Qualifiers

Each division winner will receive an automatic bid into the playoffs.  The final wild card slot will be determined by the highest winning percentage of the remaining teams regardless of division.

8.3  Tie-Breakers

In the event two or more franchises finish the regular season with equal winning percentages, the following tie breakers will be utilized to resolve the deadlock.

Division Winner:

1.  Head to Head
2.  Divisional Record
3.  Total Points
4.  Coin Flip


1.  Head-to-Head (Ties between more than two teams move directly to #2)
2.  Total Points
3.  Coin Flip

Draft Position:

1.  Head-to-Head (Ties between more than two teams move directly to #2)
2.  Total Points
3.  Coin Flip

8.4  Loser’s Bracket

Franchises seeded #5-#8 will participate in the loser’s bracket tourney.  The #5 seed will play the #8 seed and the #6 seed will play the #7 seed during Week 15.  The winners of each game will meet in the “Cap Bowl” which will take place during Week 16 of the NFL regular season.  The victor will receive a bonus $10 on the following year’s salary cap.

8.5  Bed Bowl

The remaining four franchises will compete in a losers bracket to determine bed/bedroom choice at the annual winter meetings.

9.0  Winter Meetings

The winter meetings will be conducted each April in conjunction with the NFL draft. While attendance is not mandatory, it is encouraged.

The only officially sanctioned conditions for non-attendance without ridicule include: birth or expected birth of a child, hospitalization, or residing in the state of Colorado.

9.1  Bed Selection

Bed selection will be determined based upon playoff/loser’s bracket/bed bowl order of finish.  In the case of ties within a bracket, selection will be based upon bracket seeding (the higher seeded team chooses first).

10.0  The Authoritative Hammer

Any and all disputes, gripes, irregularities, problems, bitching and/or moaning will be dealt with as The Commissioner sees fit.