Winter Meetings

Ah yes, it’s that cold dark part of the off season when the super bowl is over, the NFL draft is still months away, and there is only one thing  to get excited about. . . the Winter Meetings.

Wives, children, and livers hate it but it’s the highlight of the FFKL calendar.  A chance to discuss league bylaws and plan for the upcoming season err, yea that’s it.

  • 2012 Winter Meetings
  • 2011 Winter Meetings
  • 2010 Winter Meetings
  • 2009 Winter Meetings

    Peak of Perfection

    The 2009 trip was the first time that only one round of golf was played as the emphasis seemed to have shifted from golf to video games, hanging out by the fire, and generally having a good time.

    Highlights:  Ingles, rain coming through the windows, Puerto Rico, marshmallows, & Hoxie’s (now the official chairman of the Winter Meetings) first appearance.

  • 2008 Winter Meetings

    Barely Behaving

    The second trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia with a slightly larger and even nicer cabin.

    Highlights:   Crappy a/c (the commissioner melted in the “Champion’s) master suite upstairs), Price a first time no-show (Boo!!), ZOD makes 1st appearance, first (and only) NFL draft convergence, & Video 4.

  • 2007 Winter Meetings

    Lazy Bear Lodge

    The leagues first trip to what would become FFKL tradition, Blue Ridge, GA.  Now official home of the FFKL winter meetings, it’s no coincidence that the commissioners first trip begins the run of luxury cabins.  The commissioner is soft.  For those of you counting at home, that’s six league members in attendance.

    Highlights:  Commissioner’s first appearance, frozen golf, almost burned down the cabin with a hookah part 2, Price passed out and curled up in the fetal position.

  • 2006 Winter Meetings

    The following year saw the same cast of characters but this time a new location, Lake Blackshear, GA.   A crappy cabin served as home base and once again, golf was the plan along with general mayhem and liver abuse.

    Highlights: Getsy soils self, Zydeco’s, French Toast!, Kessel pulls golf upset, almost burned down the cabin with a hookah, Price passed out and curled up in the fetal position.

  • 2005 Winter Meetings

    The first Winter Meeting was a sordid affair the included pit stops in such iconic towns as Auburn, AL and Columbus, GA.   Theoretically, this was a golf trip with Price serving as tour guide for Steve, Getsy, Chache, and Nate.  In reality, it was a bunch of guys slumming it through red neck country.

    Highlights:  “The Librarian”, Death of Pope John Paul II, & Price passed out and curled up in the fetal position.